Masayuki ABE


About Myself

I am a cryptographer working  for NTT and Kyoto University. (My precise title and affiliation seem to change every couple of years, but my work environment remains largely the same.) Before turning to cryptography, I earned a B.E. degree (image processing for radar screens) and an M.E. degree (speaker identification) from Science University of Tokyo in 1990 and 1992, respectively.  I obtained my Ph.D. in cryptography from Tokyo University in 2002 under the supervision of Prof. Hideki Imai.

I joined NTT in 1992, where I was introduced to public-key cryptography by Tatsuaki Okamoto.  Since then, my work has focused primarily on cryptographic primitives and protocols. I  had an opportunity to visit Prof. Ueli Maurer's group at ETH in Zurich in 1996, and the Crypto Group at IBM Watson  led by Tal Rabin in 2004.  These were wonderful learning experiences, and I made many lasting friends. My current research interests include privacy-protecting cryptographic protocols and designing efficient and inter-operable cryptograhic primitives.

I have been working also in Kyoto University  running Abe-Tibouchi Laboratory (ex Okamoto-Abe laboratory) since 2013.  I work with Masters and Ph.D students on wide variety of research projects.

A bit about my personal life. I live and work in the western part of Tokyo. Love to listen to piano music, and tweak my tube audio. Grow plants in the balcony. (It tells me many things -- like in the old movie "Being There (1979)".) Addicted to coffee. Love to watch science-fiction movies.


Me in the office